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Guten Tag and hello!

I was born long before 1980 and am therefore of legal age in any country I know of ;)

Since the release of The Avengers movie in May/June 2012, I am mostly involved in The Avengers fandom. If Severus Snape was my Fandom-LBD before, it is definitely now Loki.

As with Snape I prefer Loki to bottom, EVEN IN HET FICS :D, but while it was at times difficult to find fics with bottom!Snape (especially Snarries and Snacos, not so much with Snupins, Snacks or Snucius :) it's a breeze to find my preferred Loki fics, which makes me love my new fandom even more.

With bottom!Snape I was always in a minority, that became even smaller, once the fandom started shrinking, and sometimes I found myself explaining my preference to the odd disbelieving Snarry fan ("How can you love Bottom!Snape? It's so OOC! He would never ...!" etc.,) which is all right. Some kinks are easier to explain and understand than others and questions from others help at least to understand your own points and motives.

Now, with my adoration for Loki, I am pleased to find myself for the first time ever in a majority, although that might change anytime, depending on how the rest of the series will play out, what other characters will be brought into the movie franchise, and so on.

I do have a weakness for Thor/Loki, which is pretty general, although that argument about them not really being brothers doesn't interest me much. They grew up as brothers and one can't undo a lifetime, in their case centuries, of conditioning with one sentence. It doesn't really keep me from finding the pairing hot though ;) Ultimately I probably see more of Chris Hemsworth (I find him so much better-looking than fake blond Thor, who reminds me of a fitness trainer I had back in Germany) and Tom Hiddleston, two actors, who are not related to each other :P

The complicated pairing I absolutely adore is Clint Barton/Loki. While the mindcontrol issue is interesting no doubt, and has a lot of potential for all sorts of noncon, rape, darkfic, etc., it's not what attracts me. Once more, it's about the actors I find goodlooking and pretty–yes, I find Jeremy Renner goodlooking–and I think they should get it on.

Like many others I do love team!fic and that also applies to the HP fandom. It's only a guess, but I think if you love Joss Whedon and The Avengers, chance is, you like team-based stories. At least with Joss Whedon, his writing is all about teamwork, friendship, loyalty. As an only child I craved the company of other children and devoured books like The Three Musketeers. The idea of friends having adventures together and sticking up for each other, is one of my most favourite kinks :P

There are some pairings that don't do anything for me, like ... er, any pairing that doesn't include Loki :D but they don't faze me either. If a friend writes a fic Steve/Tony or Clint/Coulson or Thor/Hulk fic I can enjoy it, but I don't actually hunt them down.

About my writing: I don't mean to be humble (because Im not :D) but I'm not a writer. I am interested in the Avengers and Harry Potter fandom because I like the sex. Writing serves as a more or less convenient medium for me to express fantasies, but that doesn't mean I am particularly good at it. English isn't my mother tongue. I know this isn't an excuse for bad writing but I'd like to warn people :)

Saying that, I want to improve but at times it's not as easy. One of my new tactics to improve is to friend LOADS of talented people and read brilliantly written fan fic. Good plan, ey? :D

As I was writing that I am here for the sex I thought: "Wait, that's not entirely true!' I am also here for my friends. Since I discovered the Harry Potter fandom in 2008 or 2009 I have made some lovely friends here, and I do hope to make some more!

I am very, very glad to have found so many creative, talented people and I have also learned a lot: not only about English grammar, punctuation and spelling and writing in general (thank God :D) but also friendships. Non-virtual and online friendships are not so different after all but there are little differences in how to navigate them, and I hope I am a better friend now than I was in the beginning.

If I have friended you–I won't be upset if you won't friend me back. That should go without saying but I'd like to be clear about that. My range of fics isn't that great, so I can't say I've got "something for every taste". If you don't like Slash or Harry Potter or the Avengers my journal isn't for you :)

Also I tend to update a lot, partake in silly memes and questionnaires (doubtlessly designed to extract data from users for marketing purposes and whatnot), and I won't hold it against you if you're not particularly interested about which Harry Potter or Avengers character I'm going to marry, sleep with or throw off a cliff :D

Final Disclaimer: This journal contains adult material. If you are below the legal age in your country please do not read my journal.

Love Galore,


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